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one. one. eighteen

one - one - eighteen - The year of authenticity and growth.

When thinking about the new year it’s easy to get lost in the "all I want to accomplish” train of thought. Don’t get me wrong, I whole heartedly agree with setting goals and crafting a plan for the coming year.


Speaking for myself, this new year isn’t about becoming wildly successful. I want something more than that.

Even if I have my most “successful” year financially or accomplish my greatest goal that’s not really what it’s about to me anymore. I’ve come to understand that life is peaks and valleys. I wan’t something more than chasing the peaks. I want authenticity and growth. I want something real.

I don’t want to chase the highs anymore. This thought of, If I obtain “this” it will = "this" amount of satisfaction or happiness. That doesn’t feel real or honest to me. The truth feels much more inward that that.

I want to to feel and grow and love and learn to be alive from the inside out. When I am truly alive and true to myself from the inside out I don’t need anything or anyone to make me feel accomplished or good enough because I’ve given myself that permission. God gave me that permission, not a status or title.

I don’t need applause or likes or followers or validation to feel accomplished. ( And I mean that with complete love. )

I need truth and that comes first from within, and once that is established it makes the external accomplishments feel real and genuine.

Much love to you all in 2018 xo

Ps the photo is from a new book I’ve been working on for awhile now and will be releasing mid year called “The Outlaw Way”

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