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Reimagining your life

I was in Walmart the other evening buying groceries when I noticed a man next to me. He stood there staring at the zucchini with a frown that looked permanently frozen to his face. He wasn’t an old man, but his body was nearly as crooked as his frown. His shoulders slumped, his back curved and his head hung low. I started to look around at the other faces in the store, then I began to notice their body language. A few of them looked genuinely happy while others looked tired but a good majority looked like zombies… just going through the motions. It got me thinking about myself and the world as a whole.

If you stop and look around at humans you will notice that many are living in a state of suffering. This suffering ranges from those that are fighting for the basic needs of life — Clean water, food, shelter and down the more subtle first world problems — Bills, Debt, Job-related stress, career path decisions, social issues and on and on. It is fair to say that everyone you know is dealing with some sort of stress in their life.

It would appear that stress has created a world full of beaten down humans that aren’t living but rather surviving. A world of folks trying to stay afloat and get through the day just do fall asleep and wake up and do it all over again. I know I’ve felt this way plenty of times in my own life, but the truth is we weren’t meant to live this way. We were created for more…

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