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The Road

Ext. Dirt Road - Evening. The sun is sinking low, A fleeting pink and purple hue stretches as far as the eye can across the horizon. A crisp fall breeze blows through the open window of an old Jeep, it kicks up rocks, barreling down the open dirt road. Tired, rough hands grip the steering wheel, floating in a constant motion of back-and-forth as the tires travel across the road. Dean sips on black coffee, his lips touch the brim of a Styrofoam gas station cup, it isn't the best coffee he's ever had but it taste pretty darn good right now. The open road...This is his church, this is his solitude this is his home. The quiet place, the therapy of tires on dirt. This is his serenity this is where he found himself. This is where he makes sense of things, this is where he met God...

Photos by: Robert Dean

Location: West of Las Cruces, New Mexico

Models : Colby Crain - Robert Dean

Featuring : Stetson Open Road

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